Report Your SEISS Grants

Claims for the fifth and final SEISS grant have now closed and anyone who has claimed at least one grant should shortly receive a letter from HMRC regarding reporting any grant on their tax return as well as what to do if your circumstances have changed since claiming

It is important to remember that all SEISS grants are subject to tax and National Insurance and need to be reported on your tax return. The grants should be reported for the tax year in which they were received, regardless of when your accounting period falls.

HMRC have updated the 20/21 tax return to include a new box for grants received before 5th April 2021

If the SEISS grant reported on your tax return does not match the amount paid by HMRC, HMRC will issue a revised tax calculation. You should check that this is correct and follow instructions provided if you think it is wrong

When claiming the fifth SEISS grant, claimants were asked to provide their 20/21 turnover figure. When submitting your 20/21 tax year, you should check that your turnover figure matches the figure given and contact HMRC if there are any discrepancies

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