Moving Goods Between the UK and EU: Rules of Origin Rules

If your business moves goods between the UK and countries in the EU, you’ll need to follow new customs and tax rules.

Rules of Origin: Watch HMRC recorded webinar if you buy goods from the EU or send or sell goods to the EU for their business, this webinar will help you understand rules of origin and what’s required to meet the rules. 

The recorded webinar can be paused or rewound to allow you or to work through the information at your own pace.

You can also:

  • watch videos on HMRC’s YouTube channel to familiarise yourself with the new customs processes and what you need to do before trading goods with the EU
  • use the trader checklist on GOV‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌.UK to make sure you’re familiar with the new rules that affect you
  • use the updated guides to understand the new customs and VAT requirements when your business is moving goods between the UK and EU countries
  • sign up to the Trader Support Service if your business is moving goods between GB and Northern Ireland and use their suite of educational products – including online training modules and webinars for support with the Northern Ireland Protocol
  • ask and get answers to specific questions about HMRC processes for importing or exporting, by visiting the customer forums
  • watch HMRC webinars and videos from other government departments to support you on these changes
  • sign up to HMRC email updates on news and information about importing and exporting with the EU, providing hints and tips for businesses like your’s to get used to the new rules for importing and exporting. 

Our Brexit Toolkit for small businesses and sole traders can be found here:


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