Reporting Scam Text Messages

We are all increasingly receiving fake text messages, emails etc. A phishing attempt is where the culprit tries to lure us to a fake website & trick us into entering personal information in order to access our financial accounts

If you aren’t completely confident that an email, text, phone call is where it suggests to be from then please take a moment to verify this & PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION any genuine contact will understand & allow you to make contact directly with publicly available contact information.

Often they may seem an obvious phishing attempt, however please remember that they won’t be obvious to everyone, some people may fall for an attempt that you disregard without question 

It takes only a minute to report any such contacts you receive, those few seconds may stop someone else falling victim to the same person so please consider doing this

Text messages can be reported directly to your phone provider by forwarding to 7726 (87726 for Vodafone). Your provider will send a reply to ask for the name or number that the message was received and once you have provided that you should delete the original message and block the contact number. 7726 spells out SPAM on a mobile phone keypad

Our Scam Alert Toolkit can be found here:

Scam Alerts

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